Normally, I'm an extreme realist. & I will be me, so regardless of what irrational things I may sometimes say and or post in blogs, I am nothing but me.

And lately, I've had enough time on my hands to think.

My thoughts are generally unorganized, and the only thing I've found so far to organize my thoughts, is the presence of certain people. Maybe it's just in my head, but I can only think clearly when I'm around a few certain people. & My brain sometimes acts like a chargable battery, and the presence of the people mentioned above, can almost charge my brain to be able to think in an organized manner for a few hours. (That was a really weird metaphor.)

But, in result of this occasion, I end up thinking too much. And I become a pseudo-philosopher.

One thing I contemplate often, is relationships. (Duh. What girl in her early teens doesn't contemplate relationships regularly?) Something that seems to baffle my mind is how people let the world "relationship" pass right by them. It goes through one ear and out the other. How exactly can you have a relationship without there being any real "relation"? People date each other simply because they're like, "Hey, I like you. Do you like me? Let's go out."

This. Really. Bothers. Me.
Especially when guys expect me to go out with them when I've barely known them a week. & Even then, I keep track of how long I've known them like a video game.

Hello there, I've discussed important topics with you for a total of three hours and forty-six minutes. Remind me again why you have the sudden urge of putting a label on us, when the "relation" part of the "relationship" you want with me is non-existent? You see, I would have no problem with having just a "ship" but I see no use of the ship anyway, seeing as I am not a pirate, nor do I have any piracy issues to deal with. You can keep your ship for another girl who is willing to have an immature fling with you.

Oh my God, now I feel so cool.

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