People limit themselves too much, which I blame mainly on the fact that a majority of the human race is really narrow-minded. What I mean is that people are expected to stay within the borders of their label or stereotype. Even if you're not the type of person to label people, it still happens in your head. You will classify who they are subconsciously and there's nothing wrong with that, it's a natural thing to do. What I'm getting at is this: if you saw a girl on the street with black hair and black clothes and heavy black eye makeup walking and holding hands with a guy with baggy jeans, a puffy jacket and a buzz cut, you'd probably be sort of confused or maybe wonder how they got together. The reality of it all is that it doesn't matter how or why two people of different backgrounds, music tastes, fashion senses, races, or any sort of division are together. What matters is that they are together, and they're happy. I mean, maybe you and your family are really different. For example you may enjoy many different things than your brother or sister and are really different from each other. One might be a rebel and one might be a straight A student, but chances are deep down they probably still love each other. This all kind of ties in with independence, which is something else I'll probably blog about in detail someday soon. Diversity is just really cool, in my opinion. It shows you're not afraid to be friends with people you like based on your connection with that person and not what they wear. Love isn't the only thing that's blind. In my opinion, everything should be "blind", or at least metaphorically.

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