In honor of Valentine's Day (which is quite possibly one of the most pointless holidays for single people, but I'm not going to complain) I decided I'd post a blog about love/relationships. But... this is my blog so I'm going to personalize it instead of generalizing the topic.

There are two paths I could follow right now for my love life; I need you to help me decide which one. Even though I'll probably just do what I want anyway, let me have your feedback.

The first approach I could take is the less serious one. Most people my age are taking this path at the moment and dating around. They decide if they like someone and that someone happens to be interested as well, they should date. They don't really consider compatibility or how things will end and possibly ruin their friendship, they just have fun with it. I've been doing this ever since I started dating and I'm reconsidering if I should do this. A lot of people continue to do this throughout their lives until they marry.

Or, I could be more picky about dating. I could date guys that are actually worth my time. I could wait until a guy comes around that I don't wish was different in any way. Of course, this way, I'd probably miss out on a lot of fun. I hate to hurt people though and I normally end up dumping guys cos I realize that I'm not going to be with them forever and I let the little things about them piss me off easily.

Who knows. I'm starting to not really care. Hooray for spending my Valentine's Day with Franz Ferdinand!

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