I must first point out how infuriated I am that Matt Bellamy won sexiest male. I'm chafed two parts because no matter how great Muse is, Matt Bellamy is not that attractive, and one part because I wish someone else would have won. I never said he was bad looking and I hope I don't get assassinated for saying this, but he's just not as attractive as the others who were nominated for that award. Keith Murray of We Are Scientists was nominated. Miles Kane was nominated as far as I remember. They're both sexier. Alex Turner was then burned when he lost "best dressed" to his female, Alexa Chung. Even though I did vote for Alex (I promise it's not cos I'm in love with him, I honestly do think he has nice style!) I can definitely see why Alexa won. I'd rob her closet if given the chance. Moving on, MGMT was dubbed "best new band" and while I do really like MGMT, it confuses me that they've won the best new band award considering they're not that new. They were apparently titled "Track of the Year" and "Album of the Year" in 2008 which shows that they're not as fresh as some of the other bands that were nominated. I personally voted Late of the Pier on that one. I can't be upset that MGMT is winning awards though, cos they're great. Muse won best live band, and I can't have much of an opinion on this since I haven't seen them live. I'm just glad the Killers didn't win, cos from what I hear they're not good live. I'd have to see it before I believed it though. Dizzee Rascal won "Best Dancefloor Filler" which I can understand. I forgot what I voted for that one. "Best Album" went to Kings of Leon, which once again is something I can understand. I may have voted for them but forgot again. Glastonbury was named best live event, which has only made me even more jealous (if possible) that I can't go. The Killers won best international band. I really love the Killers but there are better international bands. After "Day & Age" I can say I'm getting bored of them. Robert Smith wins "Godlike Genius." Enough said. Pete Doherty wins "Best Solo Artist" but I have to say I like him better as a Libertine.

I just wish I could have been there. Apparently there were killer performances from White Lies, Blur, Franz, and the Cure who closed with some of their best hits. That's it. I'll write for NME, and just get invited to these things. I will be a VIP. And you will all be jealous.

But not really.

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