Judgement sucks. Especially when you're young, cos you're inevitably going to be judged by those older than you. A two year old is going to be expected to cry and whine invariably. This is considered to be human nature, but things are subject to change as you get older. At around age ten, it's conventional for one to begin developing their personality and character, and that's when true judgement starts to occur.

If you were to place three adolescents in a room together with one [judgemental] person at least ten years their senior, they would probably all be looked upon in a similar way. For example, if we had a slacker (not just in school but in life as well), a mediocre student with decent skills in a hobby of their choice, and another youngster with the capability of meritorious academic success but a lack of motivation, they would probably all be treated the same way by the adult. Clearly, that's acceptable and aimed for; equality is a necessary moral that I strongly stand for, but as the said motivation-lacking strong mind, I autobiographically supplicate for my elders to descry what sets me apart from the crowd.

When I do happen to discourse with a character older than myself (yours truly) who does acknowledge and perhaps compliment my individually brilliant powers of perception, I take pride in it. I appreciate a compliment on my mind much more than I do a compliment on my appearance. Beauty does not last forever, but intellect will always continue to have room for improvement.

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